Don’t take law into your own hands, warns IGP

Srinagar: Advising people not to take the law into their own hands, Inspector General of Police (IGP), Munir Khan asked the people to refrain from targetting innocents under the garb of being ‘braid choppers’.

He said that the anti-social elements are trying to create law and order situation in Kashmir.

“Police department is not only investigating the braid chopping incidents here but we are also studying the cases that occurred outside the state,” the IGP said.

 Khan said that the anti-social elements are taking advantage of the situation in Kashmir. “The anti-social elements are taking advantage of the situation and are trying to create law and order situation. Besides creating fear psychosis among the people,” he said.

 IGP said that the innocents mistaken as braid choppers are being beaten blue and black. “We have arrested several persons involved in thrashing of innocents. Eight persons were also arrested from Srinagar and all the arrested persons have criminal back ground. Strict action will be taken against the persons who are involved in thrashing of innocents,” he said.

 Khan also appealed the senior citizens of the respective localities to think where they are heading.

“I appeal to the people no to pay heed to any rumours. Innocents shouldn’t be thrashed and people should cooperate with the Police. I don’t claim that we (police) are angels but if we see, these things are increasing the sufferings of a common person,” he said.

 IGP informed that whenever they receive any information about the braid chopping incidents or any rumours, they register a case and start investigation in this regard but nothing has come to fore so far. The different statements are coming to fore over the braid choppers as some claim that they use to wear spring shoes, black jackets while some claim that use to jump from the rooftop or fled from the spot through the walls. If this is the issue then these are the unnatural things,” he said.

 Khan said that they are seriously pursuing the cases of braid chopping incidents. “I believe none of the state has followed the braid chopping case seriously as we are following,” he said.

 He said that these incidents occurred in other states as well while the experts including the doctors investigated the matter thoroughly. “The doctors finding outside the state in this regard revealed that these incidents are mass hysteria,” he said.

 Ruing the lack of cooperation by the victims and their families, IGP Kashmir said, “It is difficult to find out the facts without getting a proper cooperation by the victims and their families. Whenever we will get proper support, we will investigate the matter properly.”

He further said that following the HC directions in this regard, they have started mapping of the localities where these braid chopping incidents occurred. “Due to the lack of cooperation by the victims, we have also started scientific investigation in this regard. We have started collecting the blood samples of the victims and the hair samples were also sent to the FSL to get a proper lead,” he said. (KNS)




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