Lie detection tests of victims aimed to shield culprits: Hurriyat (G)

Hurriyat Conference (G) on Monday expressed deep concern over the increasing braid chopping incidents, saying that it has given rise to scare and fear psychosis as the  incidents of burglary and stone pelting by miscreants is also haunting the innocent people.

Denouncing authorities for suggesting that the braid chopping victims will have to undergo lie detection tests and narco analysis, Hurriyat Conference (G) as per the statement issued here said that the victims are already traumatised and subjecting them to various tests is one more ploy to humiliate them. “It is deceit and a well-thought out ploy to shield criminals,” the spokesperson said.

“It is surprising that after a period of one month, authorities are saying that they will nab these criminals and are asking people for their cooperation,” he said, adding that the people are patrolling their localities to nab these miscreants and as soon as culprits are nabbed, police comes to their rescue, declaring them innocents and let them free without any further investigation or enquiry.

Spokesman in his appeal to people asked to constitute vigilant Mohalla committees and advised to handover suspicious elements to trusted committee member for further investigations, so that authorities don’t get an opportunity to shield these criminals.

Appreciating people for exhibition of their discipline, spokesman added that their performance is ample proof that they are men with good conscience.

Meanwhile, the spokesperson said the Kashmir is a political issue and needs to be resolved as per the aspirations of people.

The spokesperson as per the statement issued here said the New Delhi is following policy of “oppression and suppression”.

Commenting over, Secretary Indian Communist Party D Raja’s statement, wherein he has said that “BJP is using brutal measures and suggested that, Kashmir being a political issue, hence they should find a political solution for its settlement”, the spokesperson said, “it is our firm belief that Kashmir is a political issue and military might can never suppress people’s freedom sentiments.”

“We also want a peaceful and sustainable solution to this issue, said spokesman and added that development, prosperity, peace and security in the region can be guaranteed, if the dispute is resolved through peaceful means and it will also save the region from destruction and devastation resulting out of conflict between two nuclear countries,” he said.

Hurriyat (G) said that it is their power of arrogance that authorities in New Delhi are hell-bent to strangulate every genuine voice through bullying and repressive approach and added that such arbitrary tactics won’t suppress freedom sentiments.

Spokesperson in his appeal to Indian people urged to support “our voice and asked to stand with us and insisted to ask their rulers to change their thinking and repressive approach against people of Jammu & Kashmir and find amicable solution to the dispute.”

“It will pave way for prosperity and stability in the region so that people in the sub-continent can live in peace,” he said.




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