In wake of braid chopping incidents, JRL postpones TRC rally

Srinagar: Joint Resistance Leadership (JRL) Wednesday decided to postpone for the time being the TRC rally that was scheduled on October 14 in the wake of serious concern and distress caused among people due to the braid chopping incidents.

JRL including Syed Ali Geelani, Mirwaiz Umar Farooq and Mohammad Yasin Malik, in a statement issued here said these incidents are increasing by the day and spreading across the valley leading to great insecurity and fear among the people.

“It looks like one more ploy to unnerve and frustrate the resilient and unyielding people of Kashmir,” they said, adding that the callousness and insensitivity displayed by members of the PDP- BJP ruling regime towards this matter of grave concern for the people by dismissing it as a “phobia” and “hysteria ” among people who they say are “imagining ” such things looks deliberate and again exposes their total disconnect and apathy towards the people of Kashmir.

JRL said that people have been completely left at their own mercy to deal with this crisis and police and related institutions are in denial mode.

“While these institutions are quick and preemptive at pelleting and locking up Kashmiris, branding them stone pelters and anti nationals and boast of a great “local” information network about militants , yet when it comes to nabbing miscreants who are assaulting the dignity of our women ,they say they are clueless and need help,” JRL said.

The leadership urged people that as they have shown tremendous courage and resilience in the worst of repressive times that they are subject to, “the brave people of Kashmir should defeat this design by not giving in to fear as that is the main aim of this ploy and operate normally and with composure ,despite the deliberate conditions of fear being created around them. That, they said will defeat the designs of those behind this despicable act.”

The leadership asked people to form local committees in each Mohalla and locality to deal with this challenge and increase vigil in and around the areas and to exercise restraint and discretion when dealing with anyone found involved in these incidents.

JRL said people will continue to raise their voice against this shameful assault and will peacefully protest against it on Friday while students of colleges, and universities across Kashmir will stage peaceful protests against the attack on the chastity of their sisters and mothers on Thursday.

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