CM responsible for Govt’s complete failure: NC

Srinagar: National Conference, (NC) on Tuesday expressed a note of alarm over the unprecedented state of disarray and chaos plaguing the State Administration.

The NC as per the statement issued here said that the Cabinet meetings had been turned into a matter of ridicule and contempt to the Chief Minister’s authority as key Government departments remained abjectly directionless.

Senior National Conference Leader and Former MLC, Dr Bashir Ahmed Veeri said the Chief Minister was responsible for the Government’s complete and total failure in dispensing even its most basic public duties.

“The State Administration is in an unprecedented state of chaos as the Chief Minister is splurging lakhs of rupees on extravagant tours around the State meant for optics and photo-opportunities at staggering costs to the State exchequer. Going from Dak Bunglow to Dak Bunglow and getting the administration to spend lakhs on extravagant purchases and arrangements for a single day is not responsible governance but an exhibition of insensitivity towards the people of the State who are reeling under despondency and despair because of this Government”, Dr. Bashir Ahmed Veeri said.

The NC Leader also lashed out at the Chief Minister over her failure to ensure that Cabinet Meetings are conducted in full quorum and said the contempt shown towards the Chief Minister by her own Cabinet was a shocking indictment of her ineffective leadership.

“A Chief Minister who cannot ensure the basic conduct of Cabinet Meetings to discuss vital and crucial policy issues cannot hide her irrelevance by splurging taxpayers’ money by going from one Dak Bunglow to another. The basic functionality of this Government is under question as key departments are completely directionless with transfers and promotion being conducted in gross violation of merit and seniority at the behest of the Chief Minister and her coterie”, the NC Leader added in the statement.

“The Government’s blatant disregard for institutional sanctity is tragic. While senior IAS and KAS officers are being penalized unfairly for not toeing the line of the ruling dispensation in matters of nepotism and favours to crony capitalists, junior officers in the Administration are being given cadre postings to further perpetuate an illegitimate and illegal manipulation of the administrative system”, Dr Veeri added.

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