NC says government turning out to be ‘wastrel’

Srinagar: Opposition National Conference on Monday alleged that the PDP led coalition government is turning out to be a spendthrift as crores of rupees are being spend to ensure the lavishness for the Chief Minister and his family.

“The focus of this government seems to be singularly on the Chief Minister’s comforts and personal protocol including that of her family members. Our State is reeling under an economic slowdown due to misgovernance and instability and the lack of consideration in such a situation is appalling to say the least. The administration should realize that it is accountable to the people and cannot go on spending sprees for the CM’s personal comforts and protocol without a sense of austerity and accountability,” NC said in a statement issued here.

“Crores of rupees have been spent on upgrading the Chief Minister’s Delhi residence, indicating the misplaced priorities of this government,” the statement alleged.

The statement ridiculed the administration over extravagant expenditure for the Chief Minister’s stay at the Budgam Dak Bunglow and condemned the inconveniences caused to the people on account of a blanket unscheduled power-cut to adjoining villages in the district.

“The previous similar extravagance for CM’s visits to Kupwara and other places earlier exhibits the government’s insensitivity towards the people who are reeling under the incompetence and inefficiency of a disconnected State Government,” the statement added.

“Lakhs of rupees have been spent with the singular purpose of extending extravagant protocol to the Chief Minister at a time when her government is discredit and isolated from people at the grassroots level due to misgovernance and rampant corruption. We have a touring Chief Minister who cannot get her Cabinet Ministers to respect her authority and attend Cabinet Meetings where vital issues pertaining to policy and governance are discussed. In the absence of a functional cabinet and a devastated State economy, such unabashed extravagant spending for the Chief Minister’s personal comforts is condemnable and unbecoming,” the NC statement said.

“In the absence of basic governance in the State, pandering to the comforts of a few individuals is rubbing salt on the wounds of the common man. The administration should use this money for constructive purposes and reach out to the destitute and the victims of violence in recent years. A sense of propriety and transparency is essential and should govern every spending of the administration without fail,” the statement concluded. 

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