Govt monitoring braid chopping incidents, says Education Minister

Srinagar: Minister for education Syed Muhammad Altaf Bukhari on Saturday said the government was seriously monitoring braid chopping incidents. he said that they will leave no stone unturned to unveil the conspiracy hatched to disturb peace in the state.

The minister was speaking at the annual day celebrations organised at Kothi Bagh Girls higher secondary school Srinagar.

“I promise you that government will leave no stone unturned to end this conspiracy which has been hatched to disturb peace and prosperity in the state,” the minister said.

“Students should not panic as it encourages these mischievous mongers. This is what these culprits want to do here,” he said.

He said government was equally concerned about the incidents of braid chopping.

“I am the  custodian of rights of students and won’t allow anyone to harm my students. I dare anyone to do that,” Altaf Bukhari said.

The education minister said people of Kashmir have gone through different types of turmoil from past 25 years, so they will also fight braid chopping issue bravely.

“We saw phase of ghosts, but people came out of it. Now we are facing issue of braid chopping. All these things happen to disturb peace in Kashmir but we have to fight it bravely,” he said.

The minister however, admitted that the incidents of braid chopping have disturbed the students community as well.

“It indeed has an impact on education, students are worried. Even people don’t venture in markets as well,” he said.

He said people should not lose their courage and  patience but should give a befitting reply to the culprits who want to disturb peace in Kashmir.

“Let us tell the world that we will face this (chopping)  as well. We are not going to be afraid of these incidents created by few mad people,” he said.

The education minister also said one culprit who cut braid of a woman in Amira kadal constituency has been arrested and was identified as well.

“The arrested person was working as a maid in the same house and cut the braid of a lady in the house,” he said.

Later, the education minister gave away cash prize to the music teacher of Kothi Bagh.

Earlier during the proceedings of annual day the students presented various performances to highlight prevailing issues in society visa-vis environmental degradation and other family issues prevailing in today’s society.

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