Authorities ‘chop’ mobile internet services

After failing miserably to even get nearer to the mystery shrouding the braid chopping incidents across Kashmir Valley, authorities in Kashmir on Friday suspended the mobile Internet service to prevent “rumour mongering over these incidents.”

An official said that the service was suspended in view of call for protests issued by the separatist leadership today.

“4G, 3G and 2G services have been suspended across the valley,” he said.

Police have so far not been able to make any arrests in the case, even as nearly five dozen cases of braid chopping have surfaced in the past three weeks.

Police has already established as helpline and announced a reward of six lakh rupees on information leading to arrest of braid choppers.

In many cases, residents have been acting on their own against the braid-choppers, resulting in beating and harassment of innocent people by mobs.



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