Anganwadi workers fight pepper gas to make their case heard

Srinagar: Police on Thursday used pepper gas canister to disperse the Angnawadi workers who are on strike from past several days, demanding enhancement of their monthly honorarium.

The Anganwadi workers earlier assembled here at Pratap Park and later marched towards the civil Secretariat here to press the government over their demands.

The protesting women amid anti-government sloganeering reached the Civil Secretariat. They later held a sit-in outside the secretariat and chanted slogans in favour of their demands.

The Anganwadi workers said that the government is turning a blind eye over their plight. “It is unfortunate that the government doesn’t bother to take any appropriate step for the wellbeing of workers,” the workers said.

They, said that the government has ignored the Anganwadi workers.

“We are serving the department with dedication and honesty but the government is turning a blind eye towards our plight,” they said, adding that the government should have increased the monthly honorarium of the workers upto Rs 14000 per month.

 The protesters said that the government has assured them several times that their genuine demands will be fulfilled soon but unfortunately all the promises and assurances done with them proved hoax on the ground.

“Every successive regime has failed to fulfill its promises done with the Anganwadi workers,” they said, adding that the government should take immediate steps in this regard to put an immediate end to the sufferings of people.

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