GMC appoints Dr Salim Khan as Chief Spokesperson

SRINAGAR:  Authorities of Government Medical College on Thursday appointed Prof Salim Khan, HoD Community Medicine as the Chief Spokesperson of College and authorized him to talk to media with regard to the College.

In a statement issued today, officials said the Medical Superintendents of Associated Hospitals have also been designated as spokespersons of their respective hospitals. “No other person is authorized to speak with media personal about the functioning and patient care related issues of GMC and Associated Hospitals,” the order reads.

The order was issued after Principal Government Medical College Srinagar met a group of Media persons to clarify a recent advisory restricting access to media personnel into operation theatres and wards during clinical rounds. While clarifying that there is no blanket ban on entry of Media, She said the instructions were issued in order to respect and ensure privacy of patients undergoing treatment in hospitals and to prevent unrestricted access to areas like operation theatres and to areas where clinical rounds and procedures are underway. She said for accessing these areas Media Personnel will have to take proper permission from concerned medical superintendents.

The Principal said that the designated Chief Spokesperson and spokespersons of respective hospitals  are authorized to speak with media personnel about the functioning and patient care related issues of GMC and Associated Hospitals.

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