Legislator humiliated, deported back to Srinagar

Awami Itehaad Party (AIP) president and MLA Langate, Engineer Abdul Rasheed was yet again deported back to Srinagar from Banihal on his way to Jammu, where he had to attend a round table conference to discuss the way forward in resolving Kashmir issue, a spokesman said on Tuesday.

According to the statement issued here, the AIP spokesman said that in the intervening night of Monday-Tuesday at around 2:00am, a heavy contingent of police stopped Er Rasheed at Banihal, humiliated him and he was forcibly sent back to Srinagar, without caring for his security.

Terming the police action as ‘immoral, illegal and unwanted’, MLA Langate condemned the government and said that there is a huge gap between what government has been claiming at the center and what is being done on the ground.

“While New Delhi offers unconditional dialogue to all the stake holders on one side, but on the other side leaves no stone unturned by destroying the self-respect of people of the state and doesn’t even allow people of Jammu to sit together across the table with their Kashmiri counterparts so that they can understand each other’s view point and also try to evolve a consensus as how to find an everlasting resolution to the long pending dispute, which has made this place worst than hell, one way or the other,” he said.

He said that it is strange that if government doesn’t allow even people to talk to each other, what it could offer that may match the sentiments and sacrifices of people of state.

“It seems that certain elements from New Delhi to Srinagar are keen bent to create a wedge between the two regions by trying to polarize the situation and also by encouraging a complete regional and communal divide,” he said.

He reiterated that such ‘dirty and logic less immoral’ moves will never ever force any patriotic Kashmiri from stopping telling the truth and reminded that seeking right to Self Determination is the fundamental right of people of the state, for which they cannot be suppressed by using state machinery against them.

“If authorities had made up their mind not to allow the journey, they should have detained me at Srinagar, rather putting my life to grave security threat during the darkness of midnight,” he said.




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