Don’t doubt reconciliatory gestures from New Delhi, advises PDP

The ruling People’s Democratic Party (PDP), Friday advised all stakeholders that the dialogue offer without any preconditions by the Union government should evoke positive response from all those interested in ending the stalemate.

While welcoming the “unconditional offer” of dialogue by Government of India, PDP senior leader Sartaj Madni said that same should evoke positive response from all those interested in ending the present crisis in the state.

He said that people of Jammu and Kashmir have been the worst sufferers of “uncertainty and instability” arising out of contentious issues and confrontation.

“Now is the time that reconciliatory gestures from New Delhi are not put to any doubt and all stake holders extend a helping hand  in restoring the process of dialogue for sustainable peace and conflict resolution.”

Madni said the fresh offer has a context and needs to be seen as a sincere and honest initiative aimed at getting the state out of a perpetuated crisis which has cost “us” immensely.

“It was at the very outset that PDP–BJP alliance committed itself to inclusive politics with a purpose and agenda of alliance (AOA) explicitly acknowledges the need for political resolution and participatory diplomacy for a stable sub-continent believing in idea of co-existence,” he said, in a statement issued here.

Madani said it is keeping in with the basic commitment and promises made with the people of Jammu and Kashmir by Indian leadership that Prime Minister Modi has made his Government’s intentions known on last Independence Day from ramparts of Red Fort wherein he assured to  embrace people of Kashmir”.

Madhav’s observations are nothing but furthering that agenda and we cannot afford to miss opportunities, he added.

The PDP Vice-President said that PDP has a track record of pursuing the policy of dialogue for resolution of all issues and late Mufti Mohammad Syed changed the discourse in the sub-continent when it witnessed spell of initiatives from 2002 to 2005 for friendship between India and Pakistan and building of mutual trust at peoples level through various exchanges like opening of closed routes, mutual trade and ceasefire on borders.

He said once similar initiatives are given chance, the mistrust built over the time will automatically fade away to expand the political space for positive gains.

Madani said that political parties of all hues in the state owe it to suffering people that their woes end and they are not made to suffer for certain obsessions. He made an appeal to all for striking a common ground on assurances made by the present dispensation in New Delhi. He said let us not squander chances through unwarranted obduracy and work in cooperation with each other on issues of mutual concern.

Madani said that PDP on its part has an open mind and has been consistently pleading to respect the dissent voice.

“Mufti Syed had been the votary of battle of ideas, so is Mehbooba Mufti honest enough to carry forward the patron’s mission.”

He said it was Mehbooba who took a bold initiative to call a dialogue between the political parties in the state with an obvious intention to make a new beginning, revive the scuttled process of peace and also allow a common ground to grow on resolution of issues. But unfortunately the takers took the offer with cynicism and that was no forward movement.

Madani said we need to come out of the negative mindset and strike a mutual chord for a movement forward.




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