Childhood friends strive to ease daily chores for you

Instead of wailing about unemployment in the state, two youngsters, after getting through their B.Tech Degrees from NIT Srinagar, and Islamic University of Science and Technology (IUST), Awantipora, Ubaid Manzoor (24) and Yamin Mukhtar (24) have joined hands to make technology relieve the people of their daily hassles.

Both childhood friends, Ubaid and Yamin, after completing their graduate level studies thought of doing something different, and thus came the idea of ‘Al-Birra Services.’

Application named Al-Birra Services is available on the Google Play Store, where anyone looking for any services ranging from plumbing, electricity repairs, fixing inverters, washing machines, and refrigerators.

The service provider can also hire carpenters, masons, tailors and painters for those who are in need.  Apart from daily chorus, there are some professional services that are also provided by the newly established start-up. If needed, they can hire a photographer to capture beautiful moments and app developers to design any application for the clients.

Al-Birra services are currently operational in Srinagar and Budgam only.

In addition to all the services provided, Al – Birra is also delivering required medicines to people. The client is supposed to upload a slip of prescription after registering on the application.

“This is a first sort of application that has come up in Kashmir,” said Ubaid Manzoor, CEO and Founder, adding that they are eyeing at many more things that will be added to the services.

The start-up is also aiming at creating a database of skilled man power who are, as of now, unemployed, “we will be gathering all the skilled persons and will be assigning them jobs as per the request that we will get from those who are in need of any service,” said Ubaid.

The idea and the work that has been done so for on materializing it, is surely providing a ray of hope for these two friends, to aim high-and for others, who are looking for jobs.

“It is our aim to provide employment to those who are unemployed, through our start up,” he said.

So far, people are not that much aware of the application that has got the potential to change the outlook of youngsters, and can change the process of getting domestic chores done in the society like that of Kashmir.

Al-Birra Services, in future will also take on providing a platform to purchase books on varied subjects, including, advertisement services, printing and design services.

The application is available for download on Google App Store, and has got a presence online at:

“Al Birra Services is a highly reliable option for all of your household services. We provide you professionals to do your chores ranging from plumbing, electricity repairs, fixing your inverters, washing machines, and refrigerators. You can hire carpenters, masons, tailors and painters,” reads the website of the start up.

“Professional services: From the app you can hire a photographer to capture your beautiful moments. An app developer to help you design your app, marriage camping services for wedding…. and much more.”

“Community services: With the help of this app you can upload medicine prescription and you can also book an appointment at a particular clinic to visit a particular doctor.”

Website, while referring to features reads: “Easy booking: Hassle free and convenient booking from your home. Skilled professionals: Whichever service you choose, the professionals would be skilled and would perform the task to the best of their ability. We at Al-Birra provide all the possible home services.”



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