Cop resigns from service, posts video on social media

A constable of Jammu and Kashmir resigned from his services citing the ‘continuous bloodshed’ as a reason to leave his job. The cop posted a video on the social media which is going viral on the internet.

The constable Rayess who identified himself with his first name only says that his consciousness does not allow him to continue his services in the department of police.

In a video, which is currently doing rounds on social media he says since he cannot contribute in resolving the Kashmir issue, he deicide to quit his job after putting in seven years of service in the police. 

“My name is Rayees and I worked in the Police department as a constable for seven years. When I joined the police forces, I had taken an oath to serve the people of the state and my family too. But the situation in Kashmir has turned ugly. Every day people are dying, some are being blinded, some are rotting in jails. It is all because Kashmiris demand for a Plebiscite”.

Rayees, then dwells in history and explains the accession of Kashmir with India. He cites the example of Junagrah state which despite being ruled by a Muslim ruler joined India after a proper referendum in 1947.

“The Plebiscite did not take place in Kashmir, so there is bloodbath everywhere in Kashmir. Not only Indian and Pakistanis suffer in this conflict but Kashmiris are suffering more. Neither I love Pakistan and nor I hate India, I love Kashmir and want peace in Kashmir,” he says.

“I can’t solve this problem but as a policeman, my consciousness questions me about the daily bloodbath in the valley. I have decided to leave this profession so that my consciousness does not question me anymore”. “I am a son of a labourer and I will work hard to sustain my family, but I no longer can bear to listen to the taunts that my conscience pute me through,” he adds.

Meanwhile, ‘Kashmir Vision’ could not independently confirm the authenticity of the video.


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