Malik joins APDP protest


Jammu and Kashmir Liberation Front (JKLF) Chairman, Muhammad Yasin Malik Wednesday participated in the protest organized by Association of Parents and Disappeared Persons (APDP) at Srinagar Paratap Park here.

Malik said that today the world is observing the day for those who have been forcefully separated from their families and whose whereabouts are being concealed by the oppressive regimes.

“When anybody dies his family naturally gets consoled with time but if someone is disappeared forcefully and separated from his family, his family keeps looking for his whereabouts and thus the pain and agony for them is unending,” he said while speaking during the APDP’s protest.

“Because of these custodial disappearances, thousands of our sisters are living as half widows and their children do not know whether or not they are orphans. These children  are made to pass through a worst psychological trauma,” he said, adding that International community has failed the people of Kashmir as it has not fulfilled its obligations vis a vis Kashmiris.

“Our human rights are being violated on a daily basis but no one seems to care as international community seems more concerned about their economic and business interests than human rights and human values,” he said.

He said that all talk of establishing peace in the world but for peace to prevail there is need of justice to be delivered to the oppressed people.

“Here in this park today these men, women and children demand justice as their dear ones have been arrested by Indian forces and stand disappeared today,” Malik said.

He said that today jails, police stations and interrogation centers are filled with thousands of political prisoners, young boys and children who are being tortured and terrorized for speaking truth and crying for justice.

“A blanket ban has been imposed on all peaceful political activities, nocturnal raids, searches, crackdowns and vandalizing properties has become order of the day especially in south Kashmir,” he said, adding that “these atrocities and human rights violations are a glaring evidence of the cruel mindset of rulers who only know and believe in suppressing peoples voices by military and police might.” 


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