Indian troops in Doklam leave Chinese territory, says China

In an interesting turnaround of things, Chinese foreign ministry confirmed Monday that India has removed its trespassing troops from China’s territory on the Doklam Plateau. 

“China has confirmed that Indian troops and equipment have all withdrawn to the Indian side of the border area in Doklam on Monday afternoon.China will continue to exercise its sovereignty and uphold its territorial integrity in accordance with historical conventions in accordance with historical conventions,” Chinese foreign ministry spokesperson Hua Chunying said at Monday’s daily regular press conference.

She said that since June 18, Indian troops ‘illegally’ crossed the border and ‘trespassed’ on Chinese territory in Doklam, and China has used multiple diplomatic channels to engage with India and also conducted effective military measures to safeguard its sovereignty and legal rights.

“The Chinese government highly values its friendly relationship with India. We hope India can fulfill the historic agreement on the border and safeguard the stability of the border area with China,” Hua said.


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