Mian Altaf for action against negligent staff at Trauma hospital Kangan


Senior National Conference leader and MLA Kangan Mian Altaf Ahmed has sought strict action against the negligent staff at the trauma hospital Kangan.

Mian Altaf said that a youth had died due to the alleged negligence of an ambulance driver as the ambulance driver was not available on duty to ferry the patient to Srinagar hospital, adding that an inquiry should be carried into the negligence and if anyone found guilty should be punished.

 Mian Altaf also said that the staff mostly Doctors are being transferred from trauma hospital Kangan due to which the hospital is facing staff crunch and the available staff is unable to do justice with their work.

“The hospital is without adequate staff, medicines due to which the patients are suffering, adding that though the matter was taken with the health minister and director health however nothing substantial has been done in this regard” the statement said.

He urged the government to post Doctors and other staff for the hospital and make available the medicines for the patients.



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