Safeguarding Article 35A : Omar calls for special session of Legislature

Former Chief Minister, Omar Abdullah on Friday sought a special session of Jammu and Kashmir Legislature before 29th August to frame up an appropriate response to counter the narrative with regard to tampering or repealing of Article 35A of the Constitution.

 “The issue is of vital importance for the people of Jammu, Kashmir and Ladakh, as abrogation of Article 35A will have serious ramifications”, Omar Abdullah said in a statement issued here.

He also expressed grave concern over the reported unsatisfactory response of the Union and the State governments in putting up a strong case before the apex court in safeguard of the Article 35A.

The observation of the Centre’s attorney that the issue needs wider discussions has created apprehension in the public mind about intentions of the BJP led NDA Government, he added.

“And, in such a precarious situation, the State Legislature will have to take a call on this fundamental issue, especially as the Constitution empowers the Legislative Assembly to determine the issues with regard to permanent residence”, Omar Abdullah said while appreciating general consensus across the state, irrespective of caste, creed, religion or region, with regard to preserving of this significant constitutional guarantee bestowed upon Jammu and Kashmir by Constitution of India.

“It is therefore appropriate to have the aspirations of the people reflected through the State Legislature”, he said.

Omar hoped that the people of Jammu and Kashmir will rise above party politics and fight every overt or covert attempts to trample with Article 35A, which is regional neutral, religious neutral and ethnic neutral. He said abrogation of this proviso is detrimental to every segment of society in Jammu and Kashmir.



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