Terrorism, freedom movement poles apart: JRL


Saying that the ongoing freedom movement of Kashmiris is indigenous and has nothing to do with global organizations, Joint Resistance Leadership (JRL) Friday said that the groups like ISIS and Al-Qaeda are “nonexistent” in the state.

JRL including Syed Ali Geelani, Mirwaiz Umar Farooq, and Muhammad Yasin Malik in a joint statement issued here said that Indian agencies are desperate to malign our movement and, under a well-thought-out plan, are devising policies to bring bad name to the freedom struggle in Kashmir.

“These agencies with the active support of those elements not affiliated with our movement, have chalked out a program for carrying their sinister designs,” JRL said.

They said groups like ISIS and Al-Qaeda are “nonexistent” in the state and that there is “no role for these groups within our movement”.

“Our movement is local in nature and indigenous in character,” leadership said, adding that “terrorism and the freedom movement are poles apart.”

JRL said that Indian agencies, by linking Kashmir’s movement with some global organizations, “are planning their roguish activities to influence the international community”.

“The peace-loving nations of the world have also acknowledged the disputed status of Jammu and Kashmir and we are pursuing a peaceful movement for its resolutions,” they said, adding that Al-Qaida and ISIS organizations are involved in merciless killings and they don’t fighting against tyrant forces nor they succeeded in realizing Islamic jurisprudence in any part of the world.

Commenting over the activities of these organizations, JRL said that their activities have proved disadvantageous and detrimental for Muslim Ummah and instead wherever the Muslim communities were fighting for their rights, these organizations instead of helping them, resorted to killing the very suppressed nations.

Referring to gloomy situations in Syria, Iraq, Afghanistan and other countries, JRL said that these forces irrespective of age and gender carried brutal killings and devastated properties.

The top pro-freedom leaders said New Delhi is “frustrated” and has launched a well-planned “psychological war against the freedom movement”. “As such, they are desperate to sabotage our movement through its agencies and have framed new tactics to change the discourse of the ongoing freedom struggle and label it with global terrorism,” they said.

They said that Kashmir is a disputed territory and with its military power India has occupied our state.

“People in state presented huge sacrifices, six lakhs embraced martyrdom and we have six hundred graveyards and more than ten thousand unmarked graves and no one knows about those buried in those graves,” the statement added.

Geelani, Mirwaiz and Yasin said that the authorities “couldn’t break the emotional bond of freedom among masses, hence Delhi feels unnerved “and as such resorting to these mischievous tactics and this vicious game.

Warning people about the ‘deceitful game’ of the Indian authorities, the leadership insisted that the nation should follow every program (of the joint leadership) with persistence and wisdom and asked to exhibit unity among its folds.


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