NIA arrests ‘a ploy to club movement with corruption’: Malik

Chairman of Jammu Kashmir Liberation Front (JKLF), Muhammad Yasin Malik Friday termed the recent arrest of many resistance leaders by NIA and ED as ‘a ploy to club the sacred freedom movement of the people of Jammu Kashmir with corruption and thus defame and nullify this sacred struggle’.

Terming the NIA and ED arrests and ongoing media trial as ‘fake and gobbles like tactic’, Malik according to a statement issued here said that Indian agencies and biased Indian media at the behest of Indian state is trying to portray the resistance movement of Kashmiris as ‘sponsored and corrupt’.

“Indian leadership and their media like Hitler’s Gobbles have decided to speak lies repeatedly so that these will one day turn into truth. They are propagating that Kashmiri youth sacrifice their lives for petty amounts and monetary benefits. They are saying that our students on whom parents spent thousands are protesting and bearing pellets and bullets for some hundred rupees,” Malik said.

He said that they want to make their people believe that in Kashmir everything is OK barring only few corrupt people who are hoodwinking whole Valley and causing trouble.

“Indian state machinery, their biased media and their agencies are actually abusing the Kashmiri nation by casting doubts on our integrity, on our blood soaked freedom struggle and on our new generation. The foolishness of Indian rulers and their corrupt media can be measured by the fact that they dub our highly educated youth, students and people in resistance of sacrificing their lives for petty amounts,” he added.

Malik said that it is actually an old tactic of ‘colonial and occupational forces’ to defame people in resistance by labeling them as corrupt and casting shadows on their integrity but history bears a witness to the fact that such mean and oppressive tactics always fail to break the will and resolve of people who have decided to fight for their freedom and self-determination.

“Everyone knows that it is India that is trying to enforce and keep its illegal occupation on Jammu Kashmir. India has institutionalized corruption through pro-India politicians, political parties and other occupational authorities and if this corruption is ever probed it will beat every previous record,” Malik said.

He said that from the last 70 years, India killed lakhs, maimed, blinded, arrested, tortured and oppressed thousands in Jammu and Kashmir but has failed to put Kashmiris into submission and now they have started this new NIA and ED onslaught which is also bound to fail.

Terming the releasing order of Indian soldiers involved in Machil fake encounter as ‘travesty of justice and real model of Indian democracy for Kashmir’, Malik said that this decision has actually vindicated our stand that Indian only treats Jammu and Kashmir as its colony and people of Jammu Kashmir as its subjects who have no human rights.

Meanwhile, JKLF leaders and activists today staged a peaceful protest near Budshah Chowk Lal Chowk against NIA and ED arrests and against releasing killers involved in fake Machel encounter.

JKLF leaders Noor Muhammad Kalwal, Zahoor Ahmad Butt, Muhammad Yasin Butt, Muhammad Sideeq Shah, Sheikh Abdul Rashid, Bashir Ahmad Kashmiri, Mushtaq Ahmad Khan and others gathered near Budshah Chowk Lal Chowk and staged a peaceful protest against NIA terrorism and releasing those involved in Mechel fake encounter. People from all walks of life in large numbers joined the protest and from Madeena Chowk marched towards Budshah chowk.

Holding placards and banners against ‘NIA terrorism and other oppressive measures’ and raising slogans in favour of ‘Azadi, martyrs, incarcerated people and unity’, the participants of the protest expressed solidarity will all those languishing in jails and police stations.


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