Arresting Hurriyat leaders has not mattered for people, says DGP


Director General of Police (DGP) S.P. Vaid said that the NIA’s action against the separatist leaders has not mattered much for the people in Kashmir. He said that the situation in Kashmir is under control.

Talking to reporters during a function at District Police line Baramulla, the DGP said that there will be no effect on ground over Hurriyat leaders’ arrests. 

He said that despite Hurriyat’s call for a shutdown on Tuesday following the arrests of the Hurriyat leaders, shutdown did not affected the Valley’s normalcy and people followed their daily life routines.

 When asked about the presence of militants, Deputy General of Police (DGP) S.P. Vaid told, “We don’t have actual figure about the presence of militants in Valley but in north Kashmir foreign militants are in large numbers”.

However, he said that the general public is no longer providing support to the militants. “Things have changed now adding that people are not supporting the militants anymore,” he added.

“Everyone wants to live a peaceful life,” he said adding that especially in north Kashmir militants are not getting support from the public.

Vaid said that people should wait as time will tell what sort of probe the NIA carried out. “But people in Kashmir have right to know that who are the people involved in selling their blood, burning their schools and disrupting their lives. Whosoever is doing it must be brought to the book,” Vaid.

The DGP while appreciating the people of the state for “cooperating” with police said that in north Kashmir, police and security forces have been successful because of the support and cooperation of the people with police.

“Slowly, the people in south Kashmir are cooperating with the police. People in Kashmir are against terrorism and bloodshed. Police and security forces have been successful because of the cooperation from the people,” he said.

The police chief said that number of militants keeps varying as per the “infiltration, local recruitment, and neutralisation”.

“There is no magical number. But let me tell you that situation is quite better than it was last year. For this, I congratulate the people of Jammu and Kashmir,” he said.

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