Political parties attack RSS, say BJP surrendered its ideology to PDP


The Rashtriya Swayam Sevak Sangh (RSS), which has held a first ever Samelan in Jammu has been slammed by the Jammu based political parties who have charged BJP of surrendering its political ideology to the PDP.

The RSS began its first political convention of its kind at Jammu on Tuesday. Sources said that at the meeting the saffron party has sought that the security of the separatist leaders should be withdrawn. A  three-day conclave of RSS chaired by its national chief Mohan Bhagwat started in Jammu yesterday in which the top leadership from across Indian took part.

The Sameelan will conclude on July 20 and is for the first time in 92 year long history of RSS that the conclave was held. Sources said that it started at the Ved Mandir complex and was held to sent across a message by RSS that it will take any measure to restore peace in Kashmir.

The RSS has laid thrust on countering the appeasement of Muslims in the state and dealing with the security situation with firm hand and curtailing the security of the separatist leaders.

At the convention, the prevailing security situation also came up for discussion as well as the policy to strengthen ‘Hindutva’ in the country was debated.

Due to the strong communal polarization, in the last assembly elections, BJP had swept most of the Hindu majority areas. However, receiving a drubbing at the hands of Jammu based parties for being soft on issues on which it was vocal while out of power, the BJP has chosen to hold the RSS convention. However, despite its efforts it continued to face attack from the Jammu based political parties.

Former Minister and Panthers party chairman, Harsh Dev Singh, asked Bhagwat and other top brass of RSS “to address the issues and concerns of the nationalist persons of the state who were feeling marginalized and suffocated under the sinister opportunist BJP-PDP alliance.’’

“BJP has disowned the principles for which Dr Shama Prasad Mookerjee stood all his life and has given up its core ideology,’’ he said.

“ BJP leaders used the name of Dr. Mukherjee and his ideology for garnering votes in the elections but once in power abandoned his ideology and principles in the most contemptuous manner. BJP has not only endorsed the separate constitution of J&K but has most contemptuously discarded the demand for abrogation of Article 370 which had been its most coveted demand during the last seven decades. BJP Ministers are using two flags in their offices, in various official functions and on their vehicles with some of them reportedly visiting the statute site of Dr Mookerjee with two flags flying atop their vehicles,’’ he said.

However, with RSS pressing on reviving Hindutva, the Muslims of Jammu are facing the heat. A Muslim of Khatikan Talab, Javed Ahmad, said that since the time BJP has come to power the state administration and the police are providing a cover to the Hindutva forces who are “ hell bent on terrorizing people.’’

“Last time we had taken out a protest against the desecration of holy book, but police slapped us with the public safety act,’’ said a local resident.


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