Govt afraid of popularity of resistance leadership: Malik 

Terming 1931 martyrs as ‘symbols of freedom and bravery’, Chairman of Jammu and Kashmir Liberation Front (JKLF) Wednesday said that today they are remembering martyrs who demonstrated unparallel courage and stood firm against tyranny and oppression, endured bullets on their chests but refused to bow before tyranny, illegal occupation and dictatorship.

According to the statement issued here, Malik said that the present people’s revolution that started in 1988 is actually a continuation of the struggle started in 1931. “The struggle going on today is a continuation of 1931 and so is the tyranny, oppression and subjugation same,” he said.

He said that it is ironical that the rulers and other pro-India forces despite being agents of ‘oppressors’ celebrate martyr’s day and shower flowers on the graves of these martyrs and thus try to deceive people of Kashmir.

“The rulers who are suppressing voices of masses by unabated innocent killings, putting thousands behind bars, blinding and maiming thousands and unleashing reign of terror should have some shame before celebrating Martyrs days and showering flowers on martyr’s graves,” Malik said, adding that “to sabotage united Resistance leadership program regarding Jul 13, police and forces not only imposed curfew, restrictions, and unleashed reign of arrests and other oppressive measures but imposed a blanket ban on media and internet too.”

He also said that the rulers arrested and house arrested leaders and other people and all these ugly acts prove that these rulers and their masters in Delhi and Nagpur have no faith in any kind of democracy or humanity and also that these people are afraid of the popularity of resistance leadership.

“Nobody is allowed to meet people and even mourning’s and funerals are being showered bullets, pellets and shells. The propagators of Goli Nahin Boli (talks not bullets) have actually turned Kashmir into a killing field on our innocent youth and recent encounter at Beerwah in which three unarmed young boys Shaheed Sajad Ahmad Gilkar from Pandan, Shaheed Aquib Gul from Gouripora and Shaheed Tafazul islam from Narbal were killed with impunity is a glaring example of the callousness of these rulers,” he said. He said that these young boys were tortured, humiliated and pushed to the wall and only few days ago they were compelled to leave their families and today ‘they have been eliminated brutally by colonial forces’.

“Shaheed Sajad Gilkar was arrested and lodged at Kotbalwal jail for his peaceful struggle and recently was released from incarceration. According to the residents of his locality police one day before Eid held him on road and humiliated him severely and thus compelled him to choose the path of ultimate sacrifice,” he said.

Paying tributes to ‘these innocent martyrs’, Malik said that the rulers and their masters who are today playing with the lives of innocent Kashmiris with impunity should remember that according to the law of retribution they will have to pay for these crimes against humanity one day.

“Tyranny and oppression was not able to suppress our freedom struggle in 1931 and oppression, suppression and tyranny will also fail in defeating our present freedom struggle,” Malik added.

Meanwhile, various JKLF delegations comprising of JKLF leaders Noor Muhammad Kalwal, Zahoor Ahmad Butt, Altaf Khan, Mushtaq Ahmad Khan and Bashir Ahmad Kashmiri visited the residences of recent Beerwah martyrs and participated in their funeral prayers and expressed solidarity with their bereaved families.

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