Burhan Wani represents undying spirit of resistance of Kashmiris: Yasin Malik

Chairman of Jammu Kashmir Liberation Front (JKLF), Muhammad Yasin Malik, on Friday, said Burhan Wani represented the undying spirit of resistance, steadfastness and valour of Kashmiris.

He said, “Burhan Wani’s struggle and sacrifice marks the continuity of the legacy left behind by Muhammad Maqbool Butt and Ishfaq Majeed Wani. He was a symbol of Kashmiri resistance. The police tortured him along with his brother Khalid and humiliated his family. This forced him to take up arms.

“The story of Burhan Wani is similar to that of many others, who pioneered the armed struggle in 1988. He said that before 1988, youth like Shaheed-i- Kashmir and Ishfaq Majeed Wani began a peaceful struggle against the police and other agencies. They were, however, put in Red 16 type interrogation centers, tortured, humiliated along with their families. Thus, they were forced to take up arms.”

“The life and struggle of Burhan ud Din Wani in many ways resembles that of Ishfaq Majeed Wani. Ishfaq had pioneered the movement in early 1990’s. Burhan re-invigorated and continued it with full force post 2010.”

JKLF chairman further said that in 2008 and 2010 people of Jammu and Kashmir transformed their struggle and changed its armed outlook to a non-violent one. However, thousands of youth have been killed, injured, properties, crops and orchards of many have been damaged for the cause of Kashmir. Many, including women and children, have been arrested for the same reason.

Meanwhile, the international community is safeguarding its business interests by maintaining a criminal silence on the issue.

He paid tributes to all those killed, especially Burhan Wani Shaheed. He said that our hearts go out to those who have lost their loved ones in this struggle.


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