Review erroneous salary order of deployed teachers, TGJK urges DSEJ

The members of Teachers Guild of Jammu and Kashmir (TGJK) met, on Thursday, to discuss the pending salary of teachers and lecturers, who have been deployed on court directions. 

The meeting was chaired by state president of TGJK, N. A. Qurashi. Apart from other participants, all the core members of the group were present in the meeting

Qurashi said that the employees of Education Department, who are deployed, are working in their respective schools and locations as per the order of Director School Education Jammu (DSEJ). They have been appointed on different grounds. Some have been appointed on medical grounds, some on security grounds etc. All of them were drawing their salaries smoothly.

However, a misinterpretation by DSEJ led many to understand that these teachers and lecturers were without salary for the last four to five months and they along-with their families were facing hardships.

He appealed the authorities to modify the order and allot the identified vacant posts in such schools to the teachers, who are working there at the moment.

Meanwhile, state general secretary of TGJK, Vijay Kumar Sharma, termed the order as unfortunate and said that they were not justified. “How will employees go and work in remote areas of other districts? How will their GP Fund transfer take place? “

Terming the order as irrelevant, Sharma further said that the budget of these posts needs to be cut from the parent district to other districts where they are deployed for working.

The members of the TGJK urged the DSEJ to relook at the order and issue a corrigendum in this regard with clear directions regarding the vacant posts.

The core group members threatened that if this demand is not fulfilled then they would approach the Education Minister.

Other prominent speakers at the occasion included Balbir Singh, Narayan Baru, M.A. Wani, Anil Kumar, Kasturi Lal, Vinod Kumar, Ravi Kumar, Sanjay Kumar, Kuldeep Raj, Ashwani Kumar, Ram Lal, Devinder Kumar, Om Parkash, Vijay Kumar Gupta, Subash Singh and Sanjay Kumar Gupta.


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