Govt playing dirty politics on GST implementation, says trade body

Kashmir Traders and Manufacturers Federation (KTMF), President Muhammad Yasin Khan Wednesday alleged that sinister designs behind the controversy of implementing the GST were getting exposed with each passing day.

The trade body also accrued that the People’s Democratic Party led government is playing dirty politics over the implementation of GST in the state. 

“If the government was honest in implementation of the GST, it should have come up with the amended version of the GST for the state of Jammu and Kashmir and put the same in public domain,” KTMF, President Mohammad Yaseen Khan said.

“But the reality is that to please some hidden masters the government has been issuing contradictory statements as was visible today in news reports that senior PDP leader Muzaffar Hussain Beg has distanced himself from the all party committee on holding consultations for extending GST to the state,” Khan said.

In an appeal to the business community of Jammu, Khan said it was time to be united for the cause of the state and its special status. “Let’s not look at timely monetary benefits but keep our eyes fixed to ensure safeguarding of the special status of Jammu and Kashmir by virtue of Article 370.”

“The conspiracy behind the GST plot is evident from the fact that the government which hosted All India GST meet in Srinagar was least concerned towards the interests of the state,” Khan said.

He said as of now the trade community is engulfed in confusion on how to trade with outside state business parties thereby resulting in loss of business.

He appealed Chief Minister Mehbooba Mufti to make her stand clear on this crucial issue.

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