Delhi based Kashmiri artist displays ‘conflict’ through art

An art exhibition was held in hotel Comrade Inn, Rajbagh here on Sunday. Uzma Nawchoo, who is a Delhi based Kashmiri artist had put her paintings on display under the banner ‘Prechaw’, (questioning.) The event was organized by Centre for Research, Development and Peace CRDP.

According to organizers, the purpose of the exhibition was to depict miseries and trauma that women in war suffer. The exhibition was primarily having two themes: Women of War and Daaren Peth (on windows).

The paintings expressed the pain of women as the artist had used the brush to give a shape to the cries of the wailing women. Resistance, wretched by war, lost son etc. were the titles of the paintings in this category. 

Another section comprised of the life of Kashmiri women in conflict like situations. The paintings showed the scenes which are quite common in Kashmir. The titles were “Kani Jung”, “Chhag”, “Bobi Daari Peth”, etc.

“When a war happens, women loose their men and their sons hence become the ones at the suffering ends. I have tried to express the pain of the women in war because in Kashmir when a conflict rises women stay inside and peep through the windows hence suffering the most” said Uzma, who is an artist and also facilitates art and art therapies with various schools.

“We have been providing the platform for young artists to showcase their talent in many streams be it painting or any other art form. We are also working in the field of research, youth development, etc. Programs like this should happen frequently, for they boost up the morale of an artist” said Peer Suhail who heads CRPD.

When asked about the support from the family Uzma said “Firstly being a Kashmiri then a girl, it is very hard to convince your parents for such an offbeat subject. But if you trust your abilities and your art nobody is going to stop you. You need to be best in your field and you will be successful”.

While speaking with Kashmir Vision artist’s father Manzoor Ahmad said “I was not personally satisfied with her going in this field but eventually when I saw people praising her art I understood that she is made for it. She paints with both her hands simultaneously which makes her unique and makes me a happy proud father”


Many students were also a part of the workshop as well. “I have never seen such a wonderful exhibition here in Kashmir before. Exhibitions like this should happen often as it gives us a support and feeling that our art is not getting wasted” said Afifa Faiz Makhdoomi, who is an Applied Arts student, studying in Institute of Music and Fine Arts, Kashmir University.

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