Govt succumbs to pressure, says GST only after consensus

After facing the wrath of all sections of the people in the state, the government on Saturday said that it will not impose any decision, which would be against the aspirations of people.

The government also welcomed the statement made by the Joint Resistance Leadership (JRL) wherein they stated that ‘the law is aimed to target the Kashmiri businessmen’.

“No decision will be taken against the will of the people,” the government spokesman, and Minister for Public Works Department, Naeem Akhtar said while addressing a presser here at his office chamber in the Civil Secretariat.

However, he said that the government believes that the GST implementation is good and it is a good tax reform.

“Chief Minister Mehbooba Mufti had called an All Party Meeting ahead of the special session of legislature to take the viewpoint of the people’s representatives and seek their suggestions regarding implementation of GST in the State,” he said.

Akhtar said that after multiple apprehensions came forth ahead of the special session of the legislature from trade community, consumers as well as political parties, the government decided to further deliberate on the issue to ensure ample safeguards are put in place to clear the public misgivings.

He said that earlier the government had said that it will go to the assembly and discuss as to how state has to go viz-a-viz implementation of GST and also there was opposition by the trade bodies, mainstream political parties and others.

“We will not impose any decision that wouldn’t accommodate the aspirations of people,” he said. 

Akhtar also said that the states that won’t join GST will have to pay double taxes.

He said that for GST, an All Party Panel has been constituted to take suggestions, viewpoint and inputs from all stakeholders so that interests of the consumers can be protected, the Minister said, adding that the “Government will not push for GST implementation in JK till the time there is complete consensus on the issue”.

He further said that inputs are welcome from all stakeholders including trade community so that the government can work towards resolving those concerns besides strengthening the reform so that it becomes a people friendly tax reform and there is a consensus in the State regarding the same.

Welcoming the statement made by the JRL, Akhtar said, “These are the issues they should talk about.”

Responding to the queries raised by the journalists, the Minister said that there will be effective consultation process which will surely help the government to come up with an overall better and consumer friendly GST.


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