Dilapidated electric pole alarms Ganderbal residents

The residents of various localities of Ganderbal district has criticized the Power Development Department’s failure to repair the dilapidated wooden poles, worn out and low-lying high tension electric wires.

The locals have alleged that the dilapidated wooden poles, low-lying and worn out wires were posing to be a grave danger to the life and property in the area with many people narrowly escaping from being electrocuted.

Locals said that there are many villages in Ganderbal where the employees of Power Development Department had tied the transmission lines with the branches of trees and had created makeshift wooden poles.

Villagers of Rezan, Gagengar, Kullan, Rayil, Ramwari, Gund, Haknar, Sumbal, Surfraw, Ganiwan, Hayan, Satrina, Akhal, Panzin, Barwulla, Kichpara and many other areas have demanded that the Power Department should immediately replace the dilapidated wooden poles and worn out wires with concrete electric poles. They should align the electricity transmission lines on these instead of tree branches and terrace of residential houses.

Abdul Ahad, who is a local resident said, “Some of the electric wires are so low-lying that it touches the terrace of the residential houses.”

Another local said, “Due to the overhead transmission lines, we are not been able to work properly in our fields as these wires are lying a little above our heads and we feel vulnerable.”

The locals said that despite repeated pleas before the concerned authorities nothing substantial has been done yet and the problem persists.


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