GMC Srinagar holds open book system test

Government Medical College (GMC) Srinagar conducted open book system class test of pre-final MBBS medical students, which is pre -testing latest innovative method currently in vogue in Europe and America, a statement of the GMC said.

The Department of Community Medicine of the College conducted the exams which tests higher order thinking skills (HOTS) which is based on the analytic skills and comprehensibility of examinees rather than testing their memory strength through a rote–based conventional methodology.

 According to the Principal GMC Srinagar, this pattern as per Bloom’s taxonomy not only assess the remembrance of the subject by the students but also tests the higher levels of understanding application, analysis, evaluation, and creation.

The questions put in open book system are complex one and are not just copy and paste wherein study materials including books are allowed to he consulted to help in responding the conceptual questions.

“The piloting of open book system assessment method has been misconstrued by some people as mass copying which is a misconception about this novel and innovative method,” the statement reads.

 “Government Medical College Srinagar vehemently denies any mass copying during the examination which was held to pre-test open book system so as to gather feedback from the students and medical professionals about its applicability in assessment of medical graduates,” the statement added.

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