Administration’s unpreparedness hits commoners during Ramadan

Awami Itihad Party youth leader and social activist Syed Aijaz Kashani, on Monday, lashed out at the government for ‘tormenting Kashmiris during the holy month of Ramadan by failing to deliver basic facilities such as clean drinking water and electricity’.

He stated that both the Power Development Department (PDD) and the Water Works Department (WWD) were “acting in an arrogant, unaccountable manner”.

Stating that the administration did not assess its preparedness for the holy month in time, Syed Aijaz Kashani, alleged that numerous areas in Srinagar were completely bereft of water. He said, “In some areas people did not have enough water to prepare food after Iftaar for the last couple of days.

“A government that starves its people of water at one pretext or the other in a water-rich state like ours has to be a sadist, corrupt and evil, that derives sadistic pleasure from seeing them struggle and face hardships.”


Kashani said the present PDP-BJP-led coalition government was destroying the economy of the state. “Either the government or the Chief Minister should understand the sanctity of serving fasting people during Ramadan and provide them with basic amenities.”

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