Kashmir resolution an article of faith, says PDP

Peoples Democratic Party (PDP) Wednesday said that resolution of Kashmir issue was the core vision of its patron Mufti Mohammad Syed.

(PDP) vice president, Mohammad Sartaj Madani, said that Mufti Mohammad Syed earned goodwill across the borders for his agenda that he had set for which he struggled to achieve and accomplish this objective. He had strong faith that neither war nor any machinations were any substitute to dialogue and reconciliation to achieve this goal.

Referring to various statements coming from Union Home Minister Rajnath Singh and other important leaders of the Centre on the issue, he said that those who can feel the pain of the people living in perpetual uncertainty and in an atmosphere of acrimony will acknowledge that resolution of the impending problem should not be delayed.

Madani said that Rajnath Singh’s statement that the Government was making efforts to resolve Kashmir issue at the earliest assumes significance. PDP has forged an alliance with BJP with a sincere desire to see the state wriggle out of instability.


He said history is witness to the fact that PDP’s emergence as a political entity was necessitated by the urgency to give people the much needed relief and to set the stage for reconciliation and dialogue with all stake holders, including Hurriyat and Pakistan.

Madani said now when the crisis has emerged again, there has to be clarity, both on approach as well as on the objective, like PDP did in past. PDP is in alliance with BJP on a clear agenda of peace and dialogue on Kashmir. The party will follow this against all odds.

Madani said that ever since PDP’s alliance with BJP, the party has been seeking a new beginning on the known formula of Insaniyat, Jamhoriyat and Kashmiriyat. The Agenda of Alliance reflects the belief and the motive. “Delay in its implementation is killing as the region is witnessing violence and Kashmiris are the victims.”

He said Mufti Syed acted as Chief Minister relentlessly to see that people of state are not subjected to humiliation, torture or coercion and his Healing Touch Policy brought the desired relief.

Madani said those who care for upcoming generations, widows, orphans and real aspirations of the people of the state will surely put their act together to revive Mufti’s vision as that is the way forward.




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