J&K bank bids farewell to senior president

J&K Bank gave a warm send-off to its senior president Surinder Krishen Bhat who attained superannuation on 30  April.

The farewell was delayed because his services, as an exception, were extended by the bank’s board in his capacity as chief financial officer (CFO) till the finalization and adoption of the bank’s financial results for the financial year 2016-17.

The farewell was attended by the Chairman and CEO Parvez Ahmad along with executive presidents Vagish Chander and S S Sehgal, senior president Abdul Rashid, Presidents, Vice-Presidents and other senior officers of the bank.

Speaking on the occasion, Chairman Parvez Ahmad said, “Strong leadership is the guiding force of every organisation towards realizing its objectives. And in this sense S K Bhat has richly contributed to the growth and development of this institution.”

“He has always been direct yet dignified in his conversations across hierarchies for which he shall be remembered by one and all in the bank”, Parvez Ahmad added.

The chairman stated that the superannuation is an organizational norm and there is a proper succession plan in place in the bank. “I am satisfied with the caliber and capabilities of my people who have capacity to meet any challenge,” he said. He hailed the capabilities of the present hierarchies in the management for peddling the bank out of murky waters and hoped that the bank would be soon restoring its pristine glory.

“It delights me to share that I am fortunate to have a dedicated workforce lead by very capable team leaders across all verticals, who with their sheer hard work and commitment ensured smooth conduct and completion of all tasks well within the stipulated time-frame,” said the chairman.

“As you know last financial year has been very difficult year for the bank. However, the people in the bank have proved their ability to navigate these difficult challenges successfully. We are sure to make a turnaround during this financial year in future quarters. Right now we are on right track,” said the chairman.

 “Our adopted strategy of consolidation and clean-up with moderate growth for past two quarters shall extend to few more future quarters.  However, every future strategy shall work on three-pronged approach of growth, consolidation and expansion. So, there is lot of hope, confidence, strength and satisfaction to wash-off our apparent disappointment during the last financial year 2016-17 in near future.”

S K Bhat played vital role in different capacities, throughout his service career of around three decades, including on crucial portfolios of advances and asset planning, strategy and business development besides risk management and technology departments.

Thanking the bank and his long-time colleagues S K Bhat said, “I extend my heartfelt gratitude to all my colleagues and friends here who have worked with me and made these years unforgettable for the rest of my life.”

“I thank everyone in the bank for their love and support throughout my service years here”, he added.

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