Indian citizens should realize how GoI keeps them in dark: Shah

Holding India responsible for the prevailing political uncertainty in Kashmir, Democratic Freedom Party (DFP) chairman, Shabir Ahmad Shah on Friday said that the people of India should realize that how the Government of India was keeping them in dark about the reality of Jammu and Kashmir.

Shah according to the statement issued here also said that the policy of ‘oppression and coercion’ doesn’t last long.

Shah asked the people of India to ponder why New Delhi despite utilizing all its state machinery hasn’t succeeded in changing the reality of the disputed territory till date.

“The people of India should realize how the Government of India keeps them in dark about the reality of Jammu Kashmir and is resorting to worst kind of human rights violations in the disputed region. The citizens of India must question their leaders as to how the country’s control on J&K is justified and why the nation’s resources are wasted to strengthen this occupation,” he said.

Shah asked the people of India that the freedom movement of Jammu Kashmir is the same as India launched against the British rule and the people of this state particularly the youth are on the forefront of the struggle the same way as MK Gandhi, Jawaharlal Nehru, Baghat Singh, Ishfaq Ullah, Subash Chandra Bose, and other leaders fought for the united India.

“We’re neither robbing India of any part nor is our fight with the people of India but we struggle for our birth right of self-determination. Like many intellectuals of India support our cause of freedom, we hope the general masses of the country follow the suit and pressurize the leadership to resolve the longstanding dispute by holding the tripartite talks or implementing the UN resolutions.

The DFP chairman meanwhile strongly condemned the continuous state-sponsored oppression in south Kashmir and said the pellet and pava are ruling the roost in the area. “Worst part is that ruling class is not only shielding the culprits but also encouraging them. We strongly condemn the attack on shops and other institutions in Kulgam and Islamabad. The PDP-led government in its slavery of New Delhi has waged a war against the people of Kashmir,” he said and expressed solidarity with those injured.

Shah reiterated his appeal to world human rights bodies and the international community to realize their responsibilities and play role on Kashmir.

Meanwhile, a spokesperson of DFP while condemning the continuous house arrest of Shah, said that the pro-freedom leader has spent 30 years of his life in jails and the administration by incarcerating him is resorting to political vengeance.

He said since 2011, Shah has been either under house arrest or in police detention and has been barred from performing religious obligations. His residence has been converted into a jail.

Slamming the administration, the spokesperson said such undemocratic acts puncture the balloon of the so-called ‘battle of ideas’. “Is the right to freedom of expression enjoyed by only those in power,” the spokesperson questioned.

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