‘Sargoshiyan’ premiered at SKICC

For the first time in Indian Cinema history, the premiere of any Bollywood movie was launched in Kashmir capital Srinagar.

‘Sargoshiyan’ that has been shot extensively in Kashmir became the first Bollywood film to have Its Premiere in Srinagar and in recent past it is the only Indian movie that has not been revolved around unrest. The movie sends a message that Kashmir is safe for outsiders as the producer and director of the movie Imran Khan has tried his best to explore even the unknown locations of Kashmir Valley.

The premiere that was held at SKICC in Srinagar on Tuesday evening was attended by the lead characters of the movie including Imran Khan, Alok Nath, Sara Ali Khan, Tom Altar, Inderneil Sengupta and Hasan Zaidi.

   The story of the film is weaved around Kashmir and Kashmiri hospitality and brotherhood. Director and Producer of the movie, Imran Khan told news agency CNS that this adventure was not possible without the support of Jammu Kashmir Bank and Tourism Department.

     While thanking people of Kashmir, actress Sara Ali Khan said that this movie is all about emotions. “Kashmir is a sensitive issue and we have not touched. It is the first movie that has tried to send a message that Kashmir is safe for every outsider and people of Kashmir are affectionate and lovable,” she said adding that the movie depicts the beauty and chastity of Kashmir and Kashmiri people.

     ‘Sargoshian’ is a travelling movie in which the Director and Producer has explored the beautiful locations of Kashmir Valley. It’s a soul searching journey for the characters where they meet different people undergoing their challenges in very difficult conditions and yet they are positive, hopeful and facing the harsh realities of life with a ‘never say die’ attitude.

     Hasan Zaidi, who plays the role of the son a migrant Pandit said that this movie enabled him to understand the realities of Kashmir. “I feel that Kashmiriyat is the only solution to bring people together and spread the light of love and compassion,” he said.

     “This movie has been shot at multiple locations of Kashmir Valley. It is a travel drama aimed at to counter the negative propaganda unleashed by vested interest elements about Kashmir. This movie is an eye-opener for all who feel Kashmir is not safe for outside tourists. In fact Kashmir is unsafe for locals but it is completely safe for outsiders,” JK Bank official Sajad Bazaz, who accompanied film crew at different locations, told CNS. He added that Censor Board of India passed the movie with only two cuts.

    The movie will be released all over India on May 26 this month.

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