PDP-BJP fails to enhance reservation quota for OBCs: NC

Saying that the PDP-BJP coalition government in the state has failed to enhance the reservation quota for Other Backward Classes (OBC) cell, National Conference (NC) on Monday said that their empowerment has received a huge dent under the incumbent dispensation.

Co-Chairman of the Cell, Abdul Gani Teli said, “It seems that the coalition government has put in back-burner the welfare measures tailored for these classes.”

According to the statement issued here, Teli was addressing senior functionaries at Sher-e-Kashmir Bhavan here, in which the district presidents of Cell were also present.

Regretting that this infirmity will adversely impact the empowerment and economic emancipation of the targeted communities, Teli said, “The plea of the Cell for separate funds at the disposal of the designated corporation for the development of weaker sections is gathering dust and the government is not really interested in this regard. This will boomerang.”

Teli reiterated the demand for one-time issuance of Other Backward Classes category certificates, saying the procedure is needed to be streamlined so that the targeted segment of the society is not made to run helter-skelter for these after every five years.

He expressed concern over zero performance of the defunct Advisory Board for the past over two years and said that it is needed to be made functional for performing its role in the welfare of the weaker sections and devising schemes for their empowerment in a big way.

Teli also demanded nomination of OBC representatives in the District Development Boards so that the issues pertaining to these categories of people are forcefully highlighted and their redressal sought.

He said the benefits of various schemes should reach the poorer segments of the category, as there were reports that creamy layer is taking a major chunk of the funds earmarked for the OBC communities.

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