KU demolishes ‘art gallery’, throws students work into dustbin


Throwing the work done by the students at Kashmir University (KU) into the dustbin, the authorities here have demolished the quarter resembling ‘an art gallery’ in the premises of the varsity, the students said.

The students told Kashmir Vision that the authorities demolished the already burnt quarter, which was representing as an art gallery inside the premises of varsity.

Students studying at Institute of Music & Fine Arts (IMFA) said, “We made sketches over different themes including the Kashmiri culture on the demolished quarter. But now, the hard work exists nowhere as the authorities demolished the quarter for unknown reasons,” a delegation of students said.

Students informed that the building resembled as an art gallery, where a number of sketches including the sketches of Samavor- a traditional Kashmiri tea pot was designed on over 65 feet.

“The spot chosen by the students was representing the art gallery, which was made keeping in view of the absence of such galleries in the Valley. Even the photographers from outside the campus visited the varsity and took photographs here,” said Arsalan Ibrahim, a 3rd Year student in the department.

However, the work done by at least nine students was let go waste by the varsity authorities.

The students have also registered their protest against the ‘deplorable attitude’ of the authorities. “We also met the Vice Chancellor who cited unsafe structure as reason for its demolition,” the students said, adding that the heritage should have been persevered for the future generation.

Pertinently, the hut belonging to the Music & Fine Arts department was gutted in a mysterious fire last year. Later, the department was shifted to another nearby quarter. 

Citing unsafe structure as reason behind the demolishing of the quarter, Proctor University of Kashmir, Naseer Iqbal told Kashmir Vision that “The building was declared unsafe as it was burnt in a mysterious fire last year. The quarter was demolished keeping in view of the safety of students.” 

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