Burn Hall authorities disappoint students, parents

The parents who have enrolled their wards in the Valley’s prominent private school Tuesday alleged favouritism by the authorities in organizing a Fancy Dress Competition.

The students from class 1st to 5th were asked to prepare for the Fancy Dress Competition, slated to be organized on Tuesday.

However, citing the lack of space on the stage, the school authorities disallowed scores of students to participate in the competition thereby leaving the parents as well as the students disturbed.

“I spent around six thousand rupees on my son’s costume and when he was ready and excited about the contest, he was told that he can’t participate in the contest,” a parent wishing anonymity said.

Parents alleged that the teachers at the school showed favouritism in organizing the competition.

“They have asked every student to prepare themselves for the competition, but unfortunately scores of the students who were keenly waiting for the competition were not allowed to contest as they selected their own favourites,” alleged the parent.

“At least sixty students in each class were asked to prepare for the competition but only five students from each class were allowed to participate in the competition,” the sources said.

“They don’t know how to organize such contests because they rarely organize it. They should have informed us earlier, we would not have prepared our wards for it,” said another parent.

“These small incidents leave big impacts on the students mind. My kid was crying for the whole day. After this incident, I will never allow my kid to participate in any co-curricular activity again,” said the parent.

Meanwhile, the authorities at Burn Hall School refused to talk over the issue.

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