NC asks Mehbooba Mufti, why is PM Modi ‘only hope’ for Kashmir

Despite the Central Government’s refusal to acknowledge the political crisis in Kashmir, National Conference (NC), on Saturday, criticized Chief Minister Mehbooba Mufti’s unconditional loyalty to BJP and her declaration that PM Modi was Kashmir’s ‘only hope’. They said Mehbooba Mufti had denigrated the sanctity of Jammu and Kashmir Chief Minister’s office.

“Mehbooba’s unilateral declaration of loyalty to the Prime Minister viz-a-viz the resolution of the Kashmir issue was astounding as the Prime Minister had publicly snubbed late Mufti Saheb by telling him that he doesn’t require any advice on Kashmir,” NC spokesman said in a statement issued here. 

“Either Mehbooba Mufti is suffering from amnesia or she is willing to oversee the humiliation meted out to her late father – the then Chief Minister – by the same Prime Minister. We have a Prime Minister, who refused to accept the political nature of the Kashmir issue and somehow Mehbooba Mufti sees the same Prime Minister as Kashmir’s ‘only hope’, the spokesperson said.

“The BJP is demolishing every single promise made in the ‘Agenda of the Alliance’.”

“Mehbooba Mufti’s declaration of PM Modi being Kashmir’s ‘only hope’ was ironic and ridiculous in the backdrop of the Advocate General of India’s statement in the Supreme Court ruling out any possibility of talks with various stakeholders in Kashmir, including the separatists,” he added.

“Did Mehboobaji not read that statement made by the Advocate General in the top court? Her allies have openly humiliated her and continue to humiliate her and it seems like she has become insult-proof in order to remain glued to her chair. BJP has opposed the revocation of AFSPA, opposed the return of power projects and formally ruled out any political initiative. Is this the ‘only hope’ Mehbooba Mufti is talking about”, asked the spokesperson.

Questioning why PM Modi was the ‘only hope’ for Kashmir, he said, “Mehbooba Mufti should not forget how BJP leader Ram Madhav recently supported the Army resorting to the use of human-shields by brazenly saying that ‘everything is fair in love and war’.”


The NC spokesperson said Mehbooba Mufti should introspect her many failures and U-turns that have delegitimized the mandate of 2014 beyond reprieve. “We hope the Chief Minister controls her obsessions of scoring brownie points with the BJP and the Prime Minister’s Office and rather focusses on the emerging situation in the state, which is deteriorating with every passing day due to her inability to govern.”

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