Hurriyat (G) seeks release of all detained students, leaders

Strongly denouncing the use of ‘brute force’ against students, Hurriyat Conference (G) on Tuesday demanded immediate release of all detained students.

Lashing at police for their callous approach, a spokesperson of the amalgam said that they are playing with fire and if not stopped it will engulf the whole state.

“Don’t play with their future”, the separatist group warned, and demanded release of all students and action against erring police officials.

“They are our future,” he said, while referring to students and added that nobody will be allowed to ruin the future of student community.

The amalgam also denounced the continuous detention of political leaders and activists.

Terming the arrests as “political vendetta” against detainees, APHC stated that “all these leaders despite suffering from severe ailments are neither released, nor is proper medical treatment provided to them.”

“Strongly condemning the use of PSA like black law against political leaders and common people, Hurriyat said that this law has been termed as “Law Less Law” by International community while as world bodies have rejected the prolonged imprisonment of any person in the name of preventive custody, but since the inception of BJP regime in Delhi, this draconian law is very vaguely used in Jammu and Kashmir to curb genuine voices of the people,” the statement issued said. 

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