Anger between PDP and BJP is scripted, alleges NC

National Conference (NC) on Tuesday said calculated, scripted and controlled expressions of resentment between the PDP and BJP were yet more attempts to fool the people of the State and said that Mehbooba Mufti should listen to the call of her conscience and resign if she has any dignity left.

“These scatted, second-rung voices being propped up to diffuse the level of anger against the PDP won’t feel the people anymore. PDP remains as desperate to be in this evil, nihilistic and opportunistic alliance with the BJP as it was on the first day of their coming to power through deceit and treachery. Mehbooba Mufti should shun these games and charades and resign if she has any dignity left”, NC spokesman said in a statement. 

He said the PDP-BJP Alliance had brought the State on the verge of complete chaos and turmoil as the situation was now – in a lot of ways – worse than the most tumultuous years of armed turmoil and militancy.

“An election has been cancelled after being aborted earlier to save the Chief Minister’s brother from imminent and embarrassing defeat. The turnout in the other election was dismal and unprecedented. Civilian protestors are being mowed down by the security forces in violation of all mandated SOPs as there are unofficial orders of ‘shoot-to-kill’. In the light of these circumstances and backdrop, the continuation of the PDP-BJP Alliance is detrimental to the very survival of electoral democracy in the State”, the spokesperson added.

“While PDP is trying to enact this mockery of some of its leaders speaking against the BJP, the fact remains that the party has almost officially merged into the BJP as all policy decisions are being taken by the BJP Central Command. Certain BJP leaders who come to the State to ‘assess the situation’ hold more clout in the Administration than the Chief Minister herself. Mehbooba Mufti has been reduced to a mere pliant and obedient warden of the BJP in J&K’, the statement added.

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