Agenda of Alliance is a mere hoax, exists nowhere: Hakim Yasin

A day after BJP National President Amit Shah said New Delhi was in no mood to have any sort of dialogue with separatists in Kashmir, Peoples Democratic Front president and MLA Khansahib Hakim Mohammad Yasin said the statement of BJP leaders make it clear now that the so-called “Agenda of Alliance” exists nowhere.

“In the last more than two years, Kashmiris were being fed with the lollipop of ‘Agenda of Alliance’. However, Amit Shah, Dr Jitendera Singh and other BJP leaders made it clear that there is no ‘AoA. It is good that they made it clear that ‘AoA is nothing more than a piece of paper,” Hakim Yasin said in a statement issued here.

“People of Kashmiri can’t be kept in dark further as they must have realised now how they were being befooled in the name of ‘AoA’ in the last more than two years. Now it is clear that for what this so-called ‘AoA’ was. It was an agenda for running the government only,” he said.

Describing the prevailing situation in Kashmir as extremely dangerous, the PDF chief said there can be no solution unless all the stakeholders are involved in the dialogue process.

“Students are on roads and you can’t turn blind eye towards the grave situation in the Valley. Even female students are on roads which is unprecedented. Situation won’t improve unless dialogue process with all stakeholders isn’t initiated. There is no alternative to dialogue,” he said.

The MLA Khansahib said the stand of Government of India to not hold any talks with separatist is extremely dangerous for the future of Kashmir.

“It is a golden opportunity for New Delhi to hold a meaningful and time-bound dialogue with Pakistan and all stakeholders of Kashmir to solve the vexed Kashmir problem. The dialogue process between the two estranged neighbours can remain uninterrupted only if it is not held hostage to domestic politics,” he said.

Hakim Yasin urged the Prime Minister Modi to work like a statesman and take steps for the resolution of the Kashmir issue.

“Modiji is a strong PM and has strong mandate. He only can solve Kashmir issue, if he is willing. History is witness that no issue in the world has been settled through wars. War only brings destruction.

India and Pakistan have fought three wars and after every war, they had to come on the negotiation table. Confrontation and hostility between New Delhi and Islamabad have not yielded favourable results for either country in the past. I appeal leadership of both the countries to shun violence and come on negotiation table for the settlement of vexed Kashmir issue,” the MLA Khansahib added.

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