Adopt a holistic approach for Kashmir: Mir

Jammu and Kashmir Democratic Party Nationalist (DPN) president, Ghulam Hassan Mir, asked the state and the Centre to rethink on their aggressive approach toward Kashmir and develop an inclusive approach in which all the political and civil society groups were part of to deal with the grim situation in the Valley.

“There is a need to change the attitude and approach towards the people as both the civilians and security forces are our own. We cannot put them in adversarial roles. The need is to find a common ground to address the issue,” Mir said.

“The perspective of the state government has rarely matched the realities on the ground and the bullet for bullet policy can never deliver justice and peace. The Central government has an added responsibility in dealing with the situation. It should reach out to all the political groups, particularly the opposition and the civil society to hammer out an approach that is directed at saving lives and restoring confidence of the people in the institutions and leadership.”

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