Martyrs of Karbala will continue to guide us: Imran Ansari

Minister for Sports, IT and Technical Education, Imran Raza Ansari today said that the sacrifice of martyrs of Kabala has added such a spirit in Islam that will continue to guide Muslims till the very end of this world.
Ansari was speaking during a religious gathering to commemorate the death anniversary Hazrat Musa Kazim (AS) in Pattan organised by All J&K Shia Association.
“Such assemblies infuse spirit of social harmony, justice and community welfare as divine duty in us”, Ansari, who is a prominent Shia cleric, said.
While talking about the significance of Karbala, the historic event wherein Prophet Mohammad’s [pbuh] grandson Hazrat Hussain (A.S) along with his followers and family members were martyred, Ansari said the Karbala will continue to guide Muslims.
“Such events add a different dimension to our religion of peace,” he said. “Also, it will continue acting as a guiding path for Muslims across the world.”

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