Supreme Court dismisses petition on Kashmir’s Kohinoor

Supreme Court of India Friday dismissed off the petition filed by the All India Human Rights and Social Justice seeking direction for bringing back the Kohinoor Diamond from Britain.

The order of dismissal was issued by a bench headed by Chief Justice Jagdesh Singh Khehar.

The Kohinoor Diamond is in the possession of the United Kingdom. It is said that Kohinoor was “handed over” to the East India Company by the last Sikh Maharaja Duleep Singh via Treaty of Lahore in 1846. Kohinoor was sent to Queen Victoria in 1850 via Treaty of Amritsar— ingloriously popular for sale of Kashmir.

Kehar said that they are quite surprised how an Indian court can pass an order to bring back something which is the UK, reports said.

The court further observed that they are satisfied with the efforts of government in bringing Kohinoor back to India.

At the time of filing of petition there was a massive reportage on the issue of bringing Kohinoor to India. An Economic Times report  in April 2016 said, “If India ever challenges the British right to one coveted K-word, India’s own right to the other coveted K-word-gained by the Instrument of Accession signed in 1947 by Gulab Singh’s descendant-could also become shaky indeed. No wonder PM Jawaharlal Nehru warned way back in 1956 that trying to reclaim the Kohinoor “would lead to difficulties”. “Hopefully the government won’t fumble on this fact too.”

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