Negligible voting in 38 polling stations ‘eye opener’ for India, says Malik

Incarcerated chairman of Jammu and Kashmir Liberation Front (JKLF) Muhammad Yasin Malik Friday termed the negligible voting in 38 polling stations of Budgam on Thursday as ‘an eye opener’ for India and the pro-Indian political parties, Indian bias media and the international community.
In a statement the JKLF spokesman quoted Malik said yesterday’s election has demonstrated the real aspirations and will of the people of Kashmir who stayed at their homes and boycotted election and hence rejected Indian ‘hegemony’ in Jammu Kashmir with one voice.
He said that boycott on Apr 9 and 13 has again reiterated the Kashmiri urge for freedom and liberty and for this exemplary show of resilience people of Kashmir deserve kudos.
Malik said that holding election in key month of April, postponing polls in Islamabad to May 25 on the pretext of security but holding re-polls at places where hundreds were ‘brutalized by bullets and pellets’, shows “the real anti-Kashmiri mindset of India and the state government who not only kill, injure and blind us but also want to destroy our economy and education by such activities.”
While condemning the bias reporting of Indian media especially TV channels regarding Kashmir, JKLF chairman said that these people have lost every moral, ethical and journalistic sense and are orchestrating Kashmiris as villains and monsters.
“If these shameless channels can show a video of some CRPF personal being unfairly manhandled by a mob and poison Indian public opinion why don’t they also show the videos of target killing of an innocent teenager by these killer forces in Budgam on Apr 09, beating and torturing of children and a Kashmiri boy strapped to the front of a Jeep being used as a human shield that is viral on social media”, he said.

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