Some pro-India parties misleading people about Geelani’s support: Hurriyat (G)

Srinagar: Hurriyat Conference led by Syed Ali Geelani on Tuesday said that certain pro-India parties and candidates were creating a false impression of having tacit support of the amalgam and its chairman.
In a statement, the Hurriyat cautioned people against the “wrong impression of few known and unknown persons and parties who are taking part in the election drama that they have got a secret support of Hurriyat Conference and Geelani Sahib for the upcoming election.”
“Whoever in any way will participate in the election drama will be committing an act of treason with the sacred blood of martyrs and the national cause,” the statement said.
“PDP also had used this type of impression in 2002 to woo the voters but in reality this party is the creation of New Delhi and secret agencies under a secret plan and the election symbol of ‘Pen and Inkpot’ was allotted to them by the policy makers in New Delhi,” the statement said.
The Hurriyat (G) said that that the persons who were free after the detention of major pro-freedom leaders did nothing to reject the allegations of PDP that they have got the support of pro-freedom camp. “They did not take their responsibilities seriously and preferred to remain silent,” the statement said.
The Hurriyat (G) statement further said that “PDP is using the green flag and Pen-Inkpot symbol to befool the common masses and their important leader Muzaffar Hussain Beigh is also passionately using poetry to emotionally blackmail the people.”
“Besides PDP many independent candidates are also using the emotions and sentiments of freedom to woo the voters and they are also praising Syed Ali Geelani in their lectures and speeches to serve their purpose,” the statement added.
It further said: “Some candidates during their election campaigns are reportedly visiting the martyred person’s family who has been killed merely for supporting the freedom movement of Kashmir and express their sympathy with them.”
“Geelani Sahab and Hurriyat Conference have a clear-cut stand that dual character is very harmful and dangerous for the movement and we treat this type of character against the religious belief and faith,” the Hurriyat statement said.
It said that “all the pro-Indian parties who are taking part in election drama are enemies of the Kashmiris and their cause and any open or secret support to them is a clear act of treason.”
“Besides the political reason of election boycott that India is wrongly projecting this election as a referendum in its favor in the international forums, there is also a religious reason that the most candidates who are asking for votes are characterless people who are involved in many bad practices like sex scandals and when these persons become lawmakers, they pass the immoral and liquor bills in the assembly,” the statement added.
It said that vote was a sacred trust-deposit which should be handed over to the desired and the person who is worth of it, the person should be a character, well behaved and he should have the desire to implement the best system based on justice.
“So in this way it is a great sin to vote for these candidates who have desire to pass the bills of alcohol and immoral practices,” the statement added.

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