Roshni Act was possibly the “biggest scam” of J&K: PAG

JAMMU: Agreeing with the description that massive land transfers to encroachers under Roshni Act was possibly the “biggest scam” of Jammu and Kashmir, state Principal Accountant General, Subash Chandra Pandey today criticised an earlier administration for making rules in contravention and violation of the law.
“Possibly, yes,” he told reporters when asked about reports that it could be the biggest scam in the state. “The state government has estimated such lands for Rs 25,000 crores in 2006. Today you can yourself think of the value of this land.
“We cannot go out of our brief. It does not fall in our domain. The Constitution says that CAG will present a report to the Governor. So we have presented it to Governor and now it is up to the Governor and Legislature. Governor is part of the Legislature,” the PAG said responding to queries on whether he would recommend a probe into it.
He further said, “The legislature’s rights have been violated because law has not been followed by the state government (headed by Ghulam Nabi Azad),” he said.
The PAG was answering a question on the land transfers estimated to be Rs 25,000 crore to encroachers could be called the biggest scam.
Referring to amendment in rules, he said, “Yes, substantial deviations in the rules from the Act happened in 2007 (during Azad’s rule).”
Asked whether the rules of state government were made to help land mafia, he said according to the CAG, the list “includes some businessmen, politicians, bureaucrats and journalists”. .

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