PHF seeks government help to proceed with planned India series

Lahore: The Pakistan Hockey Federation (PHF) has sought help from its government to proceed with a bilateral series with India, planned for March-April this year.

PHF president Akhtar Rasool told PTI today that the planned six-match series could only be possible if the two governments gave clearances.

“We have written to the Ministry of Inter Provincial Coordination and Foreign Ministry to help us in making this series possible,” Rasool said.

The Olympian said whenever a bilateral series had been planned in the past, the Indian government had not given clearance for it.

“This time both federations want to have this series and that is why we are using government channels to convince the concerned Indian ministries to give clearance to this series,” he said.

Rasool said that if the series, that includes three matches in India and three in Pakistan, took place it would help Pakistan overcome its financial crisis.

“We are facing a financial crunch because we have been promised grants by the government but they have not yet been released to us. The PHF is also thinking seriously about whether it is worth it to spend millions of rupees on sending the national team to the Azlan Shah Cup in Malaysia when with a much lesser amount we can organise a grand national tournament in the country,” he said.

Pakistan hockey is going through a major crisis in the last few months with the PHF admitting that it has become difficult for it to even send teams for international tournaments.


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