Annual project Plan size : Rs 11300 crore.
Rs 47.50 crore for clearing statutory liabilities of corporations during next year.
Grant-in-aid (financial devolution) in respect of Local Bodies to go up from Rs 306 crore to Rs 383 crore .
Super Specialty Hospital, Jammu commissioned. Rs 2.8 crore has been provisioned for  current year and Rs 5.8 crore for next year.
Plan provision of Rs 321.40 crore proposed for Agriculture  and its allied Departments.
Plan provision of Rs 179.74 crore for Irrigation, Flood Control and PHE Sector.
Plan provision of Rs 106.20 crore for Tourism Sector.
Plan provision of Rs 179.82 crore proposed for industries sector including Labour and Employment.
Plan provision for Education and Health Sectors, Rs 734.66 crore and Rs 310.45 crore respectively.
Proposed allocation of Rs 332.34 crore for Social Welfare Sector under plan.
Proposed plan Allocation for Power Sector Rs 396.21 crore.
PWD (R&B) Sector proposed to receive Rs 525.28 crore under plan.
Housing and Urban Development Sector proposed to receive Rs 423.62  crore under plan.
Provision of Rs 484.42 crore for SSA and Rs 135.30 crore for RMSA.
Plan provision of Rs 50.00 crore for Jammu, Rs 25.00 crore for Leh and Rs 25.00 crore for Kargil regions.
Rs 2053.51 crore allocation for District Plans.
Provision of Rs 10.00 crore for critical needs of bad pockets.
Provision of Rs 148.00 crore for Border Area Development Programme.
Provision of Rs 46.00 crore for Honorarium to Sarpanches and Panches.
Voluntary Service Allowance (VSA) to 50647 youth (Rs 22.39 crore disbursed).
Allocation of Rs 120.00 crore proposed for meeting requirements of Seed
Capital Fund, Youth Start-up Loan Scheme, Women Entrepreneurs and VSA.

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