Aptech offers full sponsorship to Clas 12 toppers for pursuing IT

SRINAGAR: Ilm Infinity – Aptech’s regional centre in Kashmir- Friday announced that it will sponsor the toppers of Class 12, Faizan Mushtaq and Junaid-ul-Islam in pursuing career in IT through Aptech Ltd, if they desire.
“Ilm Infinity will fully sponsor both the students for any professional course they choose among Aptech’s wide range of career courses,” a spokesperson for the company said.
“These students have once again demonstrated the immense talent of Kashmiri youth and the heights they can reach. The enormous talent of Kashmiri youth has been suppressed by peer pressure in choosing beaten and traditional career paths, which has effectively rendered their talent waste. The key to unleashing the potential of youth in Kashmir is to unchain their minds and let them pursue their dreams.”
The spokesperson said Aptech intends to provide Kashmiri youth market-driven IT education to make successful careers in the largest industry in the world.
It is in this regard that Aptech has decided to provide the toppers sponsorship for pursing IT courses.


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